Our values, principles and method

samusocialdinRomania © Joe Voets
samusocialdinRomania © Jo Voets


Our Values

All samusociaux share a common charter based on the following values:



  • Dignity: A moral status inherent in the existence of every human being. No force, no situation should allow anyone to be deprived of this dimension, of this manifestation of humanity. Everything should be done, at all times, to preserve maintain and guarantee it.
  • Solidarity: Sanitary and social institutions, protection mechanisms, compassionate impulses and natural empathy exist in order to share, as a duty, the concern for others and to try to help them in all circumstances, to the extent permitted by individual and collective possibilities.
  • Citizenship: The manifestation of the rights and duties of each person evolving in the society to which they belong. It is guaranteed by universal human rights.


The samusocial Charter


All samusocial collaborators, regardless of their status and position, sign the samusocial professional code of ethics, bringing to the fore the ethics principles of samusocial interventions.




The samusocial professional code of ethics



Our principles

Samusocial has developed a specific social emergency methodology to reach out to the victims of exclusion. Emergency is a method to get out of the emergency.


It is based on the following principles:



  • Emergency: identifying not only medical but also psychosocial emergencies ;
  • Constant vailability: to be reachable day and night, when no service is present ;
  • Mobility: reaching excluded populations in the streets, in their place of life ;
  • Professionnalism: relying on teams which are trained in this specific method.



Our method


Mobiles 2Outreach mobile team (EMA)


They roam the streets by day and night to reach the most excluded people on their territory where they provide medical, psychological and social care, adapted to the needs of the people they meet.




Accueil 2Relay structures


Day care centers, health centers, accommodation centers that relay the action of outreach mobile teams and provide people with support adapted to their specific situation. These relay structures are managed by samusocial centers or by organizations belonging to the network of operational samusocial partners.




Soutien 2Networking


Samusocial structures establish collaborations -that generally rely on partnership conventions – with public, quasi-public or private and/or associative entities. These entities manage services they integrate into overall care of accompanied persons, in particular with a view to strengthening their longer-term prospect for social, professional and family integration.




Actions 2Advocacy


Alerting national public authorities and international organizations on the causes and evolution of extreme exclusion and propose appropriate responses to those supported by the samusocial structures.