Our work

SamusocialInternational : a chain of missions

samusocialInternational’s activities are built around 5 main missions:

  • Support in creating and developing local emergency systems of aid to persons, adults and children, suffering from social exclusion;
  • Ongoing training for local samusocial teams and their partner structures ;
  • University courses in order to transfer the transversal approach of social exclusion ;
  • Capitalisation and research: samusocialInternationalcompiles reports based on information gathered by the samusocial organisations. These reports are circulated as part of awareness and advocacy campaigns and collaboration initiatives with the authorities and civil society to work together on finding appropriate responses to severe exclusion. In order to develop its resources, internal and external, in terms of training and advocacy strategies, samusocialInternational also coordinates the publication and circulation to a wide audience of thematic proposal papers and methodological guides based on professional practices and experiences in a broad range of contexts;
  • Fundraising and strategic partnerships building in order to contribute to the sustainability of these local samusocial entities.

SamusocialInternational ’s network is currently made up of 14 organisations based in 14 countries.