Skills required

At the head office

Associative management

This is the management and the positions of program managers, who guarantee the respect of the principles and values of the association and its development. The program manager ensures that the missions he/she is in charge of are carried out correctly from the head office, in accordance with the values and principles of samusocialInternational and the agreements established with national and international partners. As a true interface between headquarters and the field, he/she works in close collaboration with the national directors of samusocial programs, as well as with the technical/studies/education, communication/fundraising and administration staff at headquarters. He coordinates all information and interventions related to the missions he is in charge of, and supports their development and strategic thinking, as well as their daily operations. These positions are entrusted to people with good experience in managing international development projects.

These positions are also related to the administrative, accounting and financial management of the association and the projects it develops with its samusocial partners abroad. These positions contribute to the good management of the association, with a permanent concern for transparency and traceability of the use of the funds entrusted to it. They also support the national samusociaux in strengthening their organizational and management methods. These positions are entrusted to people with proven experience in the management of international solidarity projects and a good knowledge of associative accounting as well as of the obligations and good practices in response to national legislation, donor requirements and international transparency standards.

Technical jobs related to large-scale exclusion

These are the positions of technical and teaching resource coordinator and technical referents or technical mission managers.

The coordinator, in close collaboration with the directors of the nationals samusociaux  and the program managers of samusocialInternational, designs, plans, implements and evaluates the initial and ongoing training of the local samusociaux field teams, particularly in the field of the fight against social exclusion of adults and/or street children. It is also responsible for conducting and/or carrying out technical studies and capitalization. It coordinates the university courses developed by samusocialInternational and national samusociaux. It is in charge of setting up and leading a network of professionals and technical referents in charge of training missions in their specific fields.

The technical referents and technical project managers are mobilized on an ad hoc basis to provide training, technical assistance, studies or capitalization in their field. They are nurses or doctors, psychologists, social workers or educators, sociologists, socio-demographers, with a good knowledge of the problems of social exclusion, with previous experience of training or intervention in various cultural contexts.

Communication, Marketing and Fundraising

The communication and fundraising officer contributes to the promotion of the association’s image and visibility among the general public, international solidarity actors and potential financial partners in France and abroad. He or she has the skills and experience necessary to manage communication projects by mobilizing the various media, managing relations with the press, managing fundraising campaigns, organizing events, and guaranteeing the coherence of external communication and of all the media produced by the association.

In the field

Organizational and institutional management

The Director of the local samusocial is responsible, in consultation with samusocialInternational and the Board of Directors of the local samusocial, for the development of the local samusocial and the strengthening of its institutional, organizational and operational capacities in the field of the fight against social exclusion of people, children or adults living on the street. When the expatriate is seconded by samusocialInternational, he/she also represents the latter in the country, guaranteeing the implementation of the mandate, the respect of ethics, values, image and discourse of the association. These positions are generally given to people with significant experience in the implementation of development program strategies and project engineering, with knowledge of social issues related to extreme exclusion and/or child protection.

Administrative and financial managers and/or administrators are responsible for ensuring compliance with internal procedures and local legislation, and for organizing and managing the day-to-day running of a samusocial, including accounting and financial management (bookkeeping, budgets, cash flow, financial monitoring, reporting to donors), administrative management of staff, and management of equipment, purchases and suppliers.

Operational management

These are project managers or sectoral coordinators in charge of organizing and steering the activities of care and support for the public benefiting from the services of the samusociaux, managing their teams, animating the networks of operational partners, training their collaborators and contributing to the studies and capitalization for the dissemination of the experiences and know-how acquired in the field. These positions are entrusted to people with technical profiles related to the medico-psychosocial fields with previous experience in project management, management and/or training and/or network animation.

Medical-psychosocial care

These are social workers, educators, doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc. with diplomas or other profiles that have acquired relevant professional knowledge and experience to meet the needs identified by each samusocial, depending on the profile of its beneficiaries and the type of service it offers, but also on the different qualifications, skills and training available in the country.