samusocial Ile de Cayenne

SSICayenne - entretien maraude 2Cayenne, Guyana – created in 2003


Since 2003, SamusocialGuyane has been providing assistance and support to people living in extreme poverty or social exclusion, mainly to adults and families.


Since 2011, SamusocialGuyane has taken charge of the Integrated Reception and Orientation Service (SIAO). In connection with the activities of the SIAO, at the end of 2017, it was entrusted with the management of 100 housing units as part of the rental intermediation resulting from the national “housing first” policy. In 2020, it completed its responses by creating a Lits Halte Soin Santé and Lits d’Accueil Médicalisé service.




Mobile Assistance Teams (EMA)

An EMA intervenes during day and night patrols to assess the dangers faced by people living on the streets, to offer them services and to put them in touch with appropriate service providers. The orientations proposed are essentially linked to the users’ requests but also and above all according to the needs observed by the Marauding nurse. Social support in the Marauding service represents a large part of the services offered by the social workers. It is the essential link between the user and the professionals.


The Integrated Reception and Orientation Service ” Emergency/115 ” section
The mission of the 115 Guyana call number is to respond to requests for emergency accommodation from homeless people, but also to ensure referrals to other emergency accommodation facilities throughout the territory. Since January 1, 2014, it has also been the departmental hotline and referral number for victims of violence.


The “Housing and Care” functional unit
A Housing and Social Reinsertion Center (CHRS) is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, with a capacity of 30 places. Lits Halte Soins Santé” are also open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, with a capacity of 6 places. Since 2017, Samusocial Guyane has been carrying out a rental intermediation mission, at the request of the State, managing a stock of 100 housing units for families in precarious situations, waiting to access permanent housing. There are two accommodation facilities, one collective and one diffuse. The collective accommodation welcomes adults, women and men, the rooms are double and not mixed. The diffuse accommodation is composed of individual rooms and can welcome families with children, couples or single women with or without children.


The Integrated Reception and Orientation Service (SIAO)

The SIAO “integration” section coordinates housing requests from homeless individuals or families. It is responsible for social assessment, continuity of care and continuity of pathways, cooperation and partnership work between actors, social monitoring with housing actors and various partners (landlords, communities, justice, health, etc.). The unit offers temporary accommodation for a period of 6 months, renewable once. The length of the stay is determined according to the situation of the person being housed and the estimated time needed to achieve the objectives of the beneficiary’s personalized project.


Rental intermediation “Les Jardins de l’Union”
Experimented in September 2017, the “Les Jardins de l’Union” rental intermediation scheme is a transitional housing scheme and aims to intervene with populations who were residing in spontaneous housing on sensitive areas or private land. It is a rental complex of 100 units grouped together and composed of apartments and townhouses. The exit from the rental intermediation scheme is necessarily conditional on the tenants obtaining permanent housing from social landlords. The tenant can also leave the scheme if he or she wishes to do so.



Key figures for 2020:

7,396 people met during outreach activities

231 Day and night outreach activities

1,428 Care and follow-up

2,356 Telephone calls

89 Accommodation requests

630 Social referrals


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