Our governance


The samusocialInternational  is an association loi 1901 , recognized of general interest.

The Board of Directors of samusocialInternational is responsible for the good governance of samusocialInternational and its legal representation. It defines the strategic development lines of the association and its visibility. The Board of Directors decides on exploratory missions and is represented during the first exploratory missions. An office of samusocialInternational, composed of some members of the Board, supports the executive director of samusocialInternational, in charge of the operational affairs of the association.

Organization Chart

Members of the Board of Directors

Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli, Founding President and member of the board of samusocialInternational

Doctor, co-founder of Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) and former Secretary of State for Humanitarian Action

Jacques Carles, Vice-President, Treasurer and member of the samusocialInternational bureau

Director of a strategy-consulting firm

Michel Katz, Secretary and member of the samusocialInternational office

Counsel to the Court

Docteur Jean-François Foucher, Administrator and member of the board of samusocialInternational


Michèle Vert-Nibet, Administrator and member of the board of samusocialInternational

President of SAPSA Holding

Docteur Pascaline de Dreuzy, Administrator of samusocialInternational

President of the Institute of Autonomy and Technology

Docteur Catherine Bertrand, Administrator of samusocialInternational

Anaesthetist, intensive care physician at the SAMU 94

Docteur Suzanne Tartière, Administrator of samusocialInternational


Arnaud de Viviès, Administrator of samusocialInternational

International Director of the Order of Malta France

Raphael Remond, administrator of samusocialInternational

Bank director

Headquarters team

Marie Chuberre, Director

Marie Hildwein, Programme officer

Romain Lejeune, Programme officer

Alice Quagliato, Programme officer

Delphine Laisney, Technical Resources Coordinator

Odile Gaslonde, Training Officer

Elodie Huet-Stephan, Mission Head / Training and Capitalisation

Johanna Sanson, Communications and Fundraising Officer

Julia Schwarz, Administrative and Financial Manager

Martine Vasseur, Administrative Assistant

Coordination days 2013: Headquarters team, one Borad of Directors member  and samusociaux directors