About us

According to the United Nations (UN), as a result of growing urbanisation more than 60% of the world population will live in cities by 2030 and likely in bigger and bigger cities such as metropolises.


This fast pace and unregulated urbanisation contribute to growing numbers of uprooted people, without any access to basic services and far from accessing economical opportunities.


In both developed and developing countries, though severe exclusion is linked to poverty, precarious conditions, as well as difficult access to material resources, exclusion is a much more complex concept, and resulting from a long process of lacking multiple supports, experiencing disconnections and deprivations. Exclusion is a social death sentence.




In order to respond to the needs of persons in severe exclusion living in cities, Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli launched ‘samusocialdeParis’ in 1993 with the mission to reach out to these persons.

Qui sommes-nous

Drawing from this first experience and to answer the numerous requests coming from other cities, samusocialInternational was created in 1998 with the following mission, as stated in its statutes :


“Using all possible public information and training programs, in all world cities where problems linked to social exclusion arise (including problems of shelter, food, access to care, psychological suffering and any other consequence of rejection and the breakdown of human, economic and social links), to create, promote and support arrangements similar to those operated by samusocialdeParis and which meet the criteria set out in the objectives and charter of samusocialInternational, and to perform directly or indirectly related tasks. Agreements, exchanges of all types and training arrangements shall be established. The Association’s objectives shall also include collecting funds and organising finance on national territory to support samusocial organisations, in accordance with the spirit of samusocialdeParis and, in the same conditions, creating, supporting and assisting the action, research and special interests of samusocial organisations overseas. samusocialInternational shall also appraise, evaluate and guarantees the minimum quality criteria that all bodies going by the name of "samusocial" must abide to.”