Our supports

SamusocialInternational would like to thank the companies, individuals, public institutions and private organizations whose support allows the continuation of current activities as well as the development of new projects. Their assistance, both financial and operational, is essential for the proper conduct of our activities.

Our institutional supports

Agence Française de Développement  (AFD)

AFD image002Agence Française de Développement has been a support of SamusocialInternational since 2010 by contributing to the development of its Samusocial partners in Africa and of the capitalisation process. Today, AFD cofinances two projects, in Egypt and in Peru, and it supports SamusocialInternational in its strategic program to fight against exclusion in 11 countries and strengthen its networking dynamics.

European Union

The European Union has been alongside SamusocialInternational since 2006 for the development of its Samusocial partners in Africa. Today, it continues to support our actions, particularly in West Africa (Mali, Republic of Congo) and Russia.

International coopération РGovernment of the Principality of Monaco

CMJN de base

Since 2011, the International Cooperation ‚Äď Government of the¬† Principality of Monaco has been a strong support for¬†SamusocialInternational. Today it supports projects in Mali, Burkina Faso, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

SamusocialInternational has obtained the appoval of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to send international solidarity volunteers. Furthermore, in 2017, the crisis and support center of the ministry supports the inisitaive of SamusocialInternational Lebanon, led by AMEL Association International, in favor of children and young people in the streets of Beirut.



Since 2008, SamusocialInternational benefits from government grants managed by FONJEP to send international solidarity volunteers.

Initiative 5%

Initiative5%, France’s indirect contribution to the global fund to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, managed by the French international technical cooperation agency Expertise France, has been supporting SamusocialInternational since 2017 on the project “Adaptation of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria health programmes and services for adolescents living on the streets in Mali, the Republic of Congo and Senegal”.

Ville de Paris 

Ville de Paris has been supporting SamusocialInternational since 2017 through the development of the support system for children and young people in situations of great exclusion in Beirut (Lebanon), in partnership with the Lebanese NGO AMEL.

Australian Embassy  

In 2017, the Australian Embassy supports SamusocialInternational through its Australian Aid programme on samusocialEgypt’s street children and youth support system.

Our private partners

Air France Foundation

Fondation Air France

Air France Foundation has been supporting SamusocialInternational since 2005 through its actions in the Russian Federation, Senegal, and Egypt. Today, it remains committed to SamusocialMali and SamusocialPeru. The Air France Foundation also regularly associates with SamusocialInternational for its child protection promotion events.

Mérieux Foundation

MérieuxFoundation supports samusocialInternational since 2005, particularly the medical actions of the samusocials of West Africa. Today, it also supports our actions in Morrocco and Peru.

UEFA Foundation for Children

Fondation UEFA pour l‚ÄôenfanceUEFA Foundation for Children¬†finances the¬†samusocialInternational’s actions in¬†¬†Angola and Burkina Faso.

Carrefour Foundation 

logo_fec_CMJN_2014_CMJN-300dpiThe Carrefour Foundation, a loyal and historical partner of samusocialInternational, has supported the association since 2001. Today, it notably supports actions to strengthen¬†samusocialdinRom√Ęnia

and the DOMEUS project for people in exile.

Carrefour Egypte

Carrefour EgyptSince 2011, Carrefour Egypte  supports samusocialInternational Egypte action for street children and youth in Cairo.

Alstom Foundation

Since 2016, the Alstom Foundation has been supporting SamusocialInternational through the aid scheme for street children and youth in Cairo, Egypt.

Crédit Agricole Egypt 

Since 2009, Crédit Agricole Egypt has been committed to SamusocialInternational in Egypt by fighting against the social exclusion of street children and youth  and by strengthening the promotion and access to rights for this same public.

Raja Daniele Marcovici Foundation

Fondation RAJA - egide de franceThe Raja Foundation has supported SamusocialInternational since 2009. This foundation is particularly sensitive to the actions of SamusocialPer√ļ, in favour of women and children victims of domestic violence.

TECHNIP relief and development fund


TECHNIP relief and development fund supports the activities of samusocialInternationale Angola since 2012. 

Hippocrène Foundation

The Hippocrene Foundation supported, over the period 2016-2017, the DOMEUS project run by SamusocialInternational, a project to provide assistance and guidance to people in

exile on Greek territory and in situations of extreme vulnerability.

Fonds Xavier Emmanuelli

Since 2012, the endowment fund created by Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli, supports the development of¬†SamusocialInternational‘s support capacities for national samusocials.

Sanofi Espoir Foundation


Sanofi Aventis has supported SamusocialInternational¬†since 2006. In 2011, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation took over the company and continues to support the development of SamusocialInternational‘s technical assistance and its capitalization offer as well as its health actions in several countries.

Transmission et Fraternité Fund

LOGO Titre FTFThe Transmission et Fraternit√©¬† Fund, created in 2012 to provide financial aid of all kinds for actions in favour of people in difficulty, supports the action of¬†SamusocialInternational within the framework of the two-year project entitled “Families and adults in great precariousness”.

Total Foundation


Since 2009, the Total Corporate Foundation has been involved with SamusocialInternational by contributing to the financing of its training programs and annual coordination days, as well as the programs of SamusocialPointe-Noire and SamusocialInternationalenAngola.

 Our operating partners

Samusocial de Paris

Logo_SamusocialdeParis miniature

The samusocialdeParis, created in 1993 by Xavier Emmanuelli, proposes and develops a professional approach in the struggle against the exclusion of “isolated” people, and lately¬†also homeless families. It facilitates the reception of foreign delegations in partnership with¬†SamusocialInternational for training and maraudes, as well as welcomes trainees and speakers from¬†SamusocialInternational during their initial training at the 115 and in the maraudes schemes

International SOS

l_internationalsosSince March 2006, International SOS has provided free rapatriation insurance for both missions and expatriations for SamusocialInternational personnel.

Order of Malta

Ordre de Malte

The Order of Malta has been supporting samusocialMali,  samusocialSénégal  and  samusocialBurkinaFaso at the oprational level since 2011.


WebassocFounded in November 2013, Webassoc aims to help primarily small or medium-sized humanitarian, solidarity or environmental associations, to better communicate on the web or mobile, through the sharing of skills of professionals with expertise in these sectors.