Method for creating a samusocial

The samusocial trademark

The samusocialInternational is mandated for the international protection of the “samusocial” label: it is in this perspective, that it is the depositary of the “samusocial” trademark with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI). Membership of the samusocialInternational network is also formalised through a Convention. This convention establishes the links between the French and the local structures. By signing it, the local structures pledge to respect a set of specifications defining the minimum quality criteria to be met by any structure bearing the name “samusocial”, and a Charter establishing the philosophy of the samusocial approach.

Since 2006, samusocialInternational  and its local partners have adopted a common set of specifications and a samusocial professional code of ethics intended for the various persons in relation with a samusocial system, whether salaried or voluntary, trainees or members of the Board of Directors. This code defines the common rules of behaviour and commitment in order to guarantee the quality of samusocialInternational‘s partner mechanisms and to ensure the overall coherence of the actions implemented.

The partnership approach of samusocialInternational 

SamusocialInternational  promotes the institutional anchoring of national samusocials by responding to the demand of local actors, supporting their creation and encouraging them to obtain local legal status. Each system thus created becomes a privileged partner of samusocialInternational with which it shares a charter, a code of ethics and a method. This partnership is set out in an agreement defining the reciprocal commitments and guaranteeing the minimum quality criteria to be met by any structure bearing the name “samusocial”.

Each structure is unique, responding closely to the needs of the people being supported, the socio-economic contexts and the institutional frameworks in which it fits. Thus each samusocial and the samusocialInternational that accompanies it, establish collaborations and partnerships with the supervisory authorities in charge of health and social issues, at both national and local levels, in particular in the context of the emergence of city policies.

SamusocialInternational is committed to working in partnership with NGOs that are active “in the field” as they share the same approaches and objectives.

The samusocialInternational and the national samusocials must work in a network in order to develop the coordination of actions between the various local public and private structures and thus ensure the continuity of care for people living on the streets. Networking promotes the sharing of experiences as well as exchanges and partnerships with public authorities.

Their inclusion in international, regional and national networks enables them to strengthen their awareness-raising and advocacy actions on issues of extreme exclusion.



Training and technical assistance of samusocialInternational


Ongoing technical assistance and technical missions to strengthen the capacities of samusocials. 

  • Technical assistance concerns in particular the professional skills and practices of medical-psychosocial workers, the analysis of individual situations encountered, the organizational and functional methods of a samusocial system, and the collection and processing of data on the population in care. The technical missions can also benefit the teams of the partner structures of the samusocials.
  • Animation of a network of international professionals in order to develop its technical assistance offer and a network of national samusocial technical references, intended to develop continuing professional training activities and to reinforce the capacities of national samusocials in the transmission of professional knowledge.