samusocial Fort de France / ACISE


Fort de France, Martinique – created in 2002


ACISE Samusocial was created in 2002 to take care of the homeless population in Martinique. The association then opened Workshops for Integration (Ateliers Chantiers d’Insertion) to promote the professional reintegration of people who are very far from employment.




Mobiles 2Mobile Assistance Teams (EMA)

Day and night, Samusocial‘s mobile team goes out into the street to meet the homeless to bring them comfort and food and to offer them access to other ACISE services.



Emergency shelter / Day center

Emergency accommodation is a dinner and a bed for the night in collective rooms. The system is open to all within the limits of available places, and upon referral from the 115. Every day from 7am to 9pm, the ACISE Samusocial day center allows those who wish to do so to come and wash, change clothes, have breakfast and be received by social workers and a doctor or nurse. It is a socialization space where occupational workshops and educational activities are organized.


Orientation 2Orientation and integration assistance via the Maisons Relais

The Maisons Relais are autonomous housing for isolated people who are unable to integrate ordinary housing in the short term. Stabilization housing offers beds in rooms for 2 to 4 people and personalized support for a few months. It welcomes people who are working on a personal reintegration project.


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