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The Resource Center of Samusocial International consolidates the collective knowledge acquired through collaborative efforts between Samusocial International and its partners. Its purpose is to disseminate insights regarding the assisted populations and the Samusocial intervention methodology.

These endeavors serve to further mobilize support for the challenges within emergency social action and the fight against exclusions, all within the context of international solidarity.

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Types of Resources


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1. How can I access the documents published on the resource center?

The documents can be downloaded or directly viewed using the integrated PDF viewer.

The contents of all or part of the publications cannot under any circumstances be used for commercial purposes. Authorized non-commercial use is for private purposes only.

Any reproduction or translation, even partial, for collective use of these publications is strictly prohibited without the permission of Samusocial International and/or the partner of Samusocial International in case of co-publication.


3. Why do the available languages vary depending on the documents?

The documents considered to have international scope are generally available in French and English.

Documents in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or Russian have either been originally created in one of these languages or have been translated from international documents for the needs of Samusocial International’s partners.

Types of Resources

Thematic Booklets:
These notebooks capitalize on professional knowledge in terms of keys to understanding and/or intervention strategies specifically tailored to individuals in situations of exclusion.

Contextualized in the fight against exclusions in a specific country, these publications concern population studies, policy and rights diagnostics, and intervention system modeling.

Methodological Guides:
These guides capitalize on professional know-how in terms of organization and operation of services, derived from the Samusocial method for combating exclusions.

Sociodemographic Reports:
Produced from quantitative and qualitative data on individuals encountered by operational teams in their intervention context, these reports help better understand collective and individual exclusion issues.

Publications associated with specific collections.