Studies, Capitalisation and Teachings

Studies and Capitalization
  • Coordination and publication of studies aimed at mobilizing all national and international actors through contextually adapted recommendations.
  • Development and publication of documents capitalizing on samusocial  experiences in order to improve the dissemination and sharing of professional knowledge.

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University Teachings

“Your task is not forsee the future, but to enable it” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


SamusocialInternational coordinates university teaching in France, to give keys of understanding and tools to current and future professionals on social exclusion in urban areas.


These teachings transmit, according to an interdisciplinary logic:


  • Contributions of theoretical reflection on issues of major exclusion in urban areas;
  • Lessons learned from the professional experiences acquired by samusocials, in different national contexts and with a diversity of populations (isolated adults, children and young people, families).

To implement these  teachings, SamusocialInternational develops, in collaboration with its partners, teaching programs and mobilizes speakers in France and abroad.


SamusocialInternational currently coordinates three university courses in France:


  • A University Diploma  « Street Children and Youth » (100 hours course and a 15-day internship) at the Faculty of Basic and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Paris, open to students or professionals from health, social, psychology, law, and project management (humanitarian, development) sectors;

  • A course-seminar at Sciences-Po “Social Exclusion in Urban Areas” (24 hours course) ffor students of the Master PSIA, Paris School of International Affairs;

Enseignements universitaires 2

  • “Non-governmental action in the fight against social exclusion” module (12 hours course) as part of the Master’s degree in Political Science – International Cooperation and NGOs, UFR Droit, Sciences Politiques et Sociales.