Samusocial Casablanca

EMA_Samusocial_CasablancaCasablanca, Morocco – created in 2005


SamusocialCasablanca was inaugurated on September 6, 2006 by His Majesty King Mohamed VI. This institution is in line with the spirit of the I.N.D.H (Initiative de Développement Humain), defined in May 2005 by the Moroccan government.

The system includes an Emergency Reception Center, composed of a Day Reception Center (hygiene services, medical and social assistance) and a temporary Emergency Shelter Center for children under 17 years old, and women with or without children in street situations. It is the first link in a chain that goes from emergency to integration. It acts in partnership with the institutions of common law, medical, psychosocial, associations and organizations working in this field, as well as institutional bodies whose mission is to fight against exclusion.

In collaboration with SamusocialInternational, SamusocialCasablanca (SSC) accompanies the development of SamusocialMeknes and the creation of new Samusocial devices in other cities of the kingdom.


Mobiles 2

Mobile Assistance Teams (EMA)

In Casablanca, EMA’s outreach activities take place both day and night in order to reach a maximum number of people on the streets and provide services to the most vulnerable people, such as medical and psycho-social services and referrals to shelters. Beyond these marauding activities, since 2018, SamusocialCasablanca has developed in partnership with international NGOs a program to support migrant people, for the reduction of their vulnerability caused by the deterioration of social and sanitary conditions in the city’s informal overcrowded settlements.

Accueil 2Emergency shelter / Day care center

The Emergency Shelter, composed of the “Day Shelter” offering hygiene, medical and social services, and the temporary Emergency Shelter allows to respond to the accommodation needs of children under 18 years old and women with or without children in street situation.

Orientation 2

Orientation and integration assistance

In accordance with the Samusocial method, SamusocialCasablanca deploys capacities of

orientation of its beneficiaries who wish it within partner structures or their families.

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