Samusocial Gabon


Franceville, Libreville, Mouila, Oyem,
Port-Gentil & Moanda, Gabon – created in 2017


Faced with the difficulties of access to health services for a large part of the Gabonese population, SamusocialGabon was created in 2017 on the initiative of Mr. Wenceslas Yaba, deputy director of the CHU of Libreville, with the support of the Gabonese Ministry of Social Development, Social Welfare and National Solidarity.

This program was first initiated in Libreville and then extended to the country’s main cities, i.e. 6 cities. SamusocialGabon’s mission is to reach out to populations that are geographically and economically distant from the national health system and to offer basic care, social support and facilitate access to referral health units. SamusocialGabon is a device that is at the crossroads of Samu Médical and Samusocial.


The toll-free number 1488

This toll-free emergency number allows free calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for people with disabilities, isolated patients, people without resources, excluded or living in precarious conditions, as well as for emergency health interventions.

Mobile Assistance Team (EMA) or Proximity Social Emergency (USP)

Also known as “mobile caravans”, the EMAs go out on patrols to provide free medical care, medication after consultation and clothing according to the needs expressed. The Emergency Health and Social Services (USSP) allows them to go to disadvantaged areas to provide health care that is strictly free.

Emergency shelter / Day center
Located throughout the capital, the emergency shelters are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to accommodate the most excluded people in social emergencies (domestic violence, fire, eviction from housing, family problems). They provide medical assistance if necessary as well as psychosocial support.

Medical-psychological health center

Open 6 days a week, the 6 centers offer free consultations and medication. A neonatal center was also opened in 2021.

Advocacy actions

Participation in networks and exchanges with actors working on the issue of exclusion (Gabonese Red Cross, National Health Insurance and Social Guarantee Center, FNAS, etc.).

Key figures for 2021:

217,534 people treated in 6 Gabonese cities

11,960 home consultations

203,254 Telephone calls

310,734 Medical consultations

4,223 Psychological interviews

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